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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reasons Why Getting Facebook Fans Is So Important

I'm always devoting myself to learning more about how to use social marketing to promote my business. One of the newest things I've been trying to understand is how to improve my SEO or Social Engineering Optimization. I've know that getting people to like my Facebook fan page was suppose to help promote my business, but I wanted to know how it helped exactly. Everybody is focused on getting fans, which is good, but I really didn't know why I needed fans and how many fans should I need. Just 25 likes or what? So I went in search of more information by roaming the Marketing Professionals group on LinkedIn.com which is like the "tuxedo" of social media.
Some of what I learned is that a Facebook profile is only part of the journey to Facebook success for business success. I've learned that you can seriously look into how to setup and manage fan pages, including different ways to drive traffic there. There are many pros out there doing well with Facebook, but ther are actually a vast majority of people who aren't. So to help with that, you need to remember the basics! Have a plan in place, and don't think of traffic or efforts as a one-time event. So here are a simple tips I wanted to share for those are still learning and trying to understand what Facebook can do to help promote your business.
If people come to your page, and many others have liked the page before them. They have a reason to do the same. It's social proof. Testimonials and validation is key. People are real. You can see if your friend is a friend too.
When you post a message, it goes across the network of friends-and those impressions are free.
People that get excited to share things on their own accord, and with their messages, URLs and pictures, can be very compelling from both a Facebook and user experience. Things can move very fast!
I think those are great tips to keep in mind. Eventually, when you are ready, you can even pay a little to promote your page more, but you can still promote your page for free. I think the key here is just to be consistent. However, I would encourage you to keep in mind that when you are posting your messages you don't want to spam your friends. Keep it real. The rule of thumb is to keep it 1/3 Personal, 1/3 Informative, and 1/3 Business. Stay positive and don't post negative comments, share something of value with your friends, and mix in a little business too. Nobody wants to here "join me, join me, join me" all the time. You're trying to build relationships and KEEP your friends!
[Resource: Jon Rognerud, SEO expert,Advertising Professionals, LinkedIn.com]
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