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A mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. (Anonymous)

My Bag of Tips For Moms


Surprise! It's a Pajama Ride!
At the end of a long day, family members are tired.  This can sometimes lead to bickering or fighting among the children. Or maybe even you are in a bad mood!  At other times, life just seems pretty dull.  Next time this happens to your family, surprise everyone by announcing that you're leaving on a "Pajama Ride" in ten minutes!  After all are properly attired--even Dad--jump in the car and drive around town, stopping at a fast food restaurant drive-thru for ice cream cones.

   Indoor Sleigh Ride 
 Another fun activity that brings your family closer together uses merely a blanket and a little muscle! Begin by moving back the furniture in the living room.  Set a blanket on the floor and have your child sit on it near the end.  Grab the end of the other blanket and pull the child all over the room. Kids love it!  

Afterwards,have you child lay down in the middle of the blanket. With you holding one end of the blanket and someone else  holding the other, lift the blanket and child off the floor, swinging him back and forth and sing a fun song they like.  If they're too big to lift and swing then just roll them back and forth from one end of the blanket to the other.                                                                                

Everyone looks forward to the weekends! Add a little fun to the occasion by allowing your children to choose whom they will sleep with--and where--for the night. Something my kids love to do is make a tent with blankets draped over the kitchen table or between the furniture. Then they pile in the pillows and blankets or sleeping bags.  Get creative and have fun!

SpOOktacularly Fun & Easy to make SPIRIT JUGS!
Looking for a super fun and easy way to entertain the kids this Halloween? Try making these SpOOktacular fun little spirit jugs!  All you will need is 6 clean label free milk jugs, permanent markers, one set of 50 mini indoor/outdoor holiday lights, and a craft knife (I used a box knife cutter).   Let the kids draw their spooky fun faces on the jugs then cut two dollar sized holes on each side of the jug.  You could draw pumpkin faces and use orange lights or ghostly faces and use white lights or whatever you can think of! Then run the strand of lights through each jug leaving a handful of lights in each one.  Plug it in and enjoy! They look adorable peeking out the front of your window or along your sidewalk! For video on how to complete check out the family fun link I love to use HERE!

Make your Own Halloween Taratula Trash Bag!
The kids and I always have a blast celebrating the holidays with fun simple crafts.  The Tarantula trash bag is fun and easy and require basic things around the house! It's a great way to have some "spooktaclar" fun when decorating your front yard!  I use the Disney Family Fun Website to find fun ideas.  You can check them out too! Just click here to see a video on how to make a Tarantula Trash Bag!

How To Manage Housework:

1. If you're always a busy mom with too many things to do [what mom isn't?], then don't sweat the small stuff!  Don't feel obligated to always get all the housework done in a day. Break it up a little.  Clean bathrooms one day, dust and vacuum the other, and throw a load of laundry in the washer & dryer throughout the week.

2. Your house can survive if it's not scrubbed down perfectly on a consistent basis.  Just keeping the dishes out of the sink and the toilets clean makes a huge difference. Do simple up keep to get you by!

3. Teach your kids how to help out with the chore load.  They need to learn and practice, practice, practice for when they grow up!  A little "elbow grease" is good for them.  Set their chores to specific days of the week (ie, Sat. mornings) so they know what to expect.  Then you'll have less whining!

4. Take your breaks and time out to re-energize yourself too!  You deserve it :0) http://www.findingfreedomteam.com/tools4mom
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