A Mother's Love

A mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. (Anonymous)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you want to learn how to become successful in your business or anything really, then you need to take a chance a follow the path less traveled. In other words, don't wait on others to lead the way, instead lead the way and let other's follow. You must be consistent with yourself and preserver. Here are some tips to follow that helped me with choosing and setting my goals:

1. Write down your goals. Place them in a visible spot so you see them everyday

2. Put a date on it! Make a Dream Board to display. This will help remind you the commitment you've made to yourself and keep you on a time line.

3. List Obstacles. We all run into obstacles that can lead us away from our goals so prepare yourself for them and find a solution. Obstacles could be things like sick kids, summer sports, vacation getaways, etc.

4. Identify People. Think of groups and organizations you need to identify with. Like church groups, kid's sports team, media groups, chamber of commerce, etc.

5. Spell out your actions. What do you need to accomplish to hit that next level.

6. Set a time limit. This will help you stay focus and committed.

7. Identify benefits of reaching your goals. Like paying of that high interest credit card, eliminating debt, or a family vacation.

Follow these steps and be consistent, consistent, consistent and you will reap the rewards! Now get started today!01 02 03
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