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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft! Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Thanksgiving Craft!
Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

In celebration of Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something fun for the kids. They wanted to make a turkey and I always have plenty of toilet paper rolls laying around so we made a these cute Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys. Give it a try! It's so super fun and easy to make and the kids will be proud to put them on display! 
Tips/Idea:Save up some of your toilet paper rolls and take them to your Thanksgiving Dinner for a kids craft afterwards and you'll be the favorite Aunt!


Toilet paper roll                    Scissors
craft glue                               Construction paper or paper stock
Crayons/markers                    Brown craft paint


First, color your toilet roll brown so it can dry while you trace, color, and cut! 

Next, draw your turkey parts for your kid(s) to color.
~Draw 6-7 feather shapes per Turkey. I like to draw one feather that I like and use it to trace the others.
~Draw a round circle for the head. You can do this with a small kids cup.
~Draw two smaller circles for the eyes
~Draw two feet
~Draw a peanut shape for the waddle
~Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a beak on the creased line so that when you cut it out it will open like a mouth.

Once you've drawn/traced all your pieces, let your child color them in and then help them cut them out if needed. 

Next, Paste! I like to squirt some glue onto a piece of paper or a paper plate and use a Q-tip to rub some glue onto the pieces.
~Glue the feathers together in a fan-out position.  
~Take your feather fan and glue onto the upper back of your toilet paper roll.  You can use a hot glue gun if you'd rather. Your feather should be above your roll.
~Now glue the eyes onto the head and glue the waddle onto the lower bottom of the face so that half of it is hanging below the circle. 
~Glue one side of the beak below the eyes but over the top of your waddle.
~Now that your face is done, glue it to the top of the roll so that only half of the head is touching it.
~Finally the legs! Fold down a small piece of the top of each leg to put a bend to it. Then glue them onto the roll high enough that your roll can stand straight. Ta Da!

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